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The easiest way to mix audio is by hiring a mixing engineer on Voices. Sign up and get access to our pool of established audio mixers who can complete your audio mix.

A mixing engineer is an audio professional who can blend the various elements of an audio recording, including speech, ambience, sound effects, and music, into one complete rendition, otherwise known as a mix.

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All About Audio Mixing

Audio mixing is one of the final and most important stages of the audio post production process. Across the music, film and TV, and live events industries, mixing engineers are in charge of blending multiple sounds or audio tracks into one or more channels. During the mixing process, all the disparate parts of a recording are joined together in order to make a compilation of sounds that blend together harmoniously. If you're in search of an experienced mixing engineer to take care of the audio mixing on your recording and forge a cohesive sound for your project, then you've come to the right place.

When you use Voices to find your project's mixing engineer, you'll have the opportunity to browse our pool of skilled audio mixing professionals. Mixing engineers are either pros at using mixing consoles to complete the mixing process, or know their way around digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, or Audacity. You can expect the mixing engineer you hire to have a background working in sound for film or TV, music, or interactive media such as virtual reality and video games.

Mixing is the penultimate stage of the audio post production process that takes place right before a project's sound is mastered. While the role of a location sound mixer is to carry out the mixing for a movie or TV project directly during production, most audio mixing for film and TV happens in post. Mixing generally occurs on a mixing stage, which is a studio or theater where the recorded sounds are all combined. It is the mixing engineer's responsibility to blend the four main elements of audio: speech, ambience, sound effects, and music. When you watch a TV show and hear the actors' dialogue layered overtop of sound effects and a musical score, yet you can hear and process each piece individually in a way that drives the narrative forward, then you have a talented mixing engineer to thank for that.

In the days before digital mixing on digital audio workstations was possible, multitrack audio was played back using multiple film reels at once. However, with the advent of multitrack recording, it is not uncommon for a movie to now have 100 or more audio tracks. When all the recorded sounds from a film or TV project are mixed, the mixing engineer will enhance or manipulate the signal levels (the volume), frequency content, dynamics, and panoramic position. The process of enhancing and manipulating these elements is called sweetening.

When tracks are combined during the mixing process, mixing engineers typically incorporate effects including compression, saturation, equalization, distortion or harmonic generation, stereo imaging, delay, reverb, and analog emulation. Fading, panning, dynamic expansion and noise gating also come into play during the mixing process. The mixing engineer you hire will have a firm grasp on employing all of these tools and effects to get the optimal finished sound for your project, as well as preparing your audio for your desired output: mono, stereo, or surround sound.

When you work with a talented mixing engineer, your project's audio mix is bound to impress your listeners and showcase the first rate quality of your content. Whether you are at work on a 15 second TV commercial or a feature length film, having a competent audio mixer onboard is essential in order to achieve a high quality mix that is flawlessly packaged and produced with creative vision.

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