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Steve Van Beckum

Detroit, Michigan

Steve Van Beckum - Business Traditional

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Hannah Laurel

Burbank, California

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Jesse Carroll

New York, New York


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Guy Thillet

Accord, New York

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Los Angeles, California

Denis Leary - Sam Elliott - Ford F150 or Coors Beer style - BOBBY DOUGHNUTS

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Jeffrey Pillars

Mineral Springs, North Carolina


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Construction Worker Voices

The construction worker is a character who works on a construction site, generally on a large project. Construction workers perform hard manual labour through all weather conditions, and can perform monotonous tasks well. Construction workers are also quite practical, and are good problem solvers. Construction workers are adaptable and open minded, accepting new practices and building ideas. Construction workers are often good team players, as well, working with a construction crew with a manager at the head of the operation. The construction worker is usually male, though the construction worker character can also be female. 

The construction worker can fall into numerous categories or roles, depending on the position and specialisation the construction worker falls into. A general labourer will have more knowledge on a broad subject, however may not speak with the confidence a specialised worker would. A specialised worker would speak with knowledge and experience on a specific topic. Construction workers have clear communication and speak clearly, using technical terms to efficiently follow plans and reference tools or resources they need. Construction workers also have a hierarchy, with the general labourer and independent tradesmen listening to the foreman or project manager, who in turn talks to the architect and the commissioner of the project. 

Construction workers can be seen in many forms of media, but are most commonly seen in television shows. There are several channels, such as HGTV dedicated to construction work, renovations, demolition and landscaping. Some shows that you may find with a wide variety of construction workers, from handymen and general labourers to specialised trades workers, include House Hunters and Brother Vs Brother. Watching training videos for prospective workers and tradesmen on the jargon and practices of construction workers can also be a tool in your belt to help you deliver a well-constructed delivery of the construction worker voice.