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Profile photo for Hannah Laurel

Hannah Laurel

Burbank, California

XM Radio Imaging Demo

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Profile photo for Jesse Carroll

Jesse Carroll

New York, New York

Rider Republic - cool - dude - energy - attitude

Voice Over Video Narration + 20 More
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Profile photo for African American Voice Actor Lilian McWilliams

African American Voice Actor Lilian McWilliams

Austin, Texas

African American Female Demo Reel - (Diverse/BIPOC/POC/Black Woman VO)

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Profile photo for Jon Carter

Jon Carter

Charlotte, North Carolina

Jon Carter Radio Imaging 2

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Profile photo for Andrea Collins

Andrea Collins

Toronto, Ontario

Imaging Demo - Radio and TV. Sexy, edgy, impactful, authoritative, energetic.

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Profile photo for BOBBY DOUGHNUTS


Los Angeles, California

Edgy , Punchy , Amusing , Fun , Attitude , Overly Caffinated style - BOBBY DOUGHNUTS

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Frequently Asked Questions

A DJ drop is a branded voice over that a DJ adds, or drops, during a performance

DJ drops are made easy on Voices. Simply include your creative direction in your job posting, including script, style, and attributes such as gender, age, or accent. The next step is to review the custom auditions to determine if the voice over matches what was asked in your job posting and meets your overall expectations. Once you have narrowed down the best DJ drop voice actor for your needs, you're ready to hire. Once the final files are received, the workflow for creating effects and adding the DJ drops to your mix will depend on the software you use.

A DJ drop includes the DJ's name, but can also include a catchphrase.

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All About DJ Voices

The disc jockey, or DJ, is a creative character who mixes music, usually at large events. The DJ works to create exciting music, paying attention to how music mixes and how other modifications to the music sound. The disc jockey is attentive to detail and to the tastes of listeners and customers. DJs may also speak into a microphone to hype up a crowd or introduce guests.

DJs may show up in different settings and perform differently in these settings. A traveling DJ, who performs for commissioned jobs, may have a broader knowledge of many genres, and play a curated list for an event. Genre DJs also travel often but focus on a specific genre. A resident DJ will have specific knowledge of the music his or her audience likes and build more of a rapport and excitement in the venue he or she frequently performs at. A radio DJ, who also plays the role of a radio personality, similarly plays a curated list of what the audience enjoys, and usually focuses on a specific genre. This DJ will also announce songs, titles and artists, comment on the music and sometimes talk with a co-host. The final type of DJ is the creative type, who creates music either as a job or for personal enjoyment. These DJs may become celebrities known for their music.

The DJ can be seen most often at venues such as weddings, nightclubs, parties, and sports events, or can be heard on the radio. Disc jockeys may also be more prominent in certain genres, such as rap, hip hop, and electronic dance music.