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2Days 2Methods 2Coaches Voiceover Intensive Animation & Commercial

Nicki Burke

Trebas Institute Downtown Toronto

Nov 19/20 Sat 12:00pm - 5:00pm Sun 11:00pm - 5:00pm

$545+Tax ($100 (non-refundable) secures your spot, pay the rest by Thurs Nov 17th)

Event Description

Join Nicki Burke, Missy Cross and special guest speaker Animation director Susan Hart for a 2 day in person, in studio workshop. Animation and Commercial. Take home a polished Mp3 of your best takes.

About Nicki Burke

Nicki Burke is a working Voiceover actor and coach who got her start in on-camera for film and Tv. As a coach with over 13 years of experience behind the mic, she brings an acting background suitable for animation, commercial, video games and audio books. She teaches you the archetypes of animation, the 8 tones of selling for commercial reads, how to analyze a script and build a character from the ground up. She is well versed in the business of the industry and is happy to coach clients on how to get an agent, cover letters, following up and sealing the deal. If you are new to voice or an experienced performer wanting to brush up your skills and build your tool belt, this is the coach for you.

Tech Help with Mike

The Voice Over School


On Demand

$47.00 USD

Event Description

25 Minute Audio Help Session. Why Mike Rocks: *2+ decades of VO Industry Experience *Musician / Music Production Background *Full-Time Pro VO for over 10 years *13+ years of Online Casting site experience

About The Voice Over School

Mike and Amanda have each been successfully running a home based voiceover business for over a decade! 90% of their work is from home through self-marketing, online casting sites, agents and they've been continuously growing ever since, even with 2 kids aged 7 and 4 (also in the biz). They've taken almost a full year to compile and organize and professionally develop their online classes that contains absolutely everything they know about the biz and how they got there.