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Launched: Top Talent Status

We’re excited to share the official launch of Top Talent status on Voices. Top Talent on Voices are now recognizable by the Top Talent icon on their profile, a status that showcases these Talent as the highest achievers on the platform and is part of our upcoming Achievements program.

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How To Become a Voice Actor for Anime

Imagine making a living working in anime. Find out what it takes to become an anime voice actor and how you can begin your career today.

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‘Finding Nemo’ is a Pixar movie that grossed $340 million on opening weekend. But do you know the voice of Nemo’s dad, Marlin?

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Who is the Voice of Joy in Inside Out

Who was cast to play the role of the always optimistic Joy? Keep reading to learn who is the voice of Joy in 'Inside Out' from Pixar.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Voice Actors in 2023 

If you need some help narrowing down the perfect voice over related gift this holiday, this article has you covered.

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How To Measure Your Success in 2023

We caught up with Evan Wiebe, Senior Account Manager for Premium Talent to talk about your strategy for success on Voices in 2023.

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Remember, not every monologue fits every part, and you should choose one that fits your style. Here are ten dramatic monologues for women!

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10 Profile Mistakes to Avoid

Is your Voices profile generating enough voice over audition opportunities for you? Here are 10 ways to improve your profile!

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Travel Commercial Sample Scripts

Are you looking to create a radio ad for your travel business? These travel commercial scripts can help guide to and inspire you.

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Who is the Voice of Ultron from the Avengers?

So, who is the voice of Ultron? Who portrayed the cold-heartedness of Ultron? Who showcases the god-complex of Ultron?

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Voice Over Sample Scripts for Clients and Voice Talent

Use these free voice over sample scripts to help write your next voice over script or use them to practice your voice over skills.