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    All About Male Voice Actors

    We all know about models promoting products, but did you know that you can also hire voice actors to help make your business stand out? Male voice actors can be excellent for a variety of tasks, from commercials to in-product instructions and support.

    Why Hire a Male Voice Actor?

    A male voice actor works well if you want to fill specific roles requiring deeper voices. You can find male voice actors with a good range, allowing them to handle multiple characters you may want for your project. For example, if you have a deep-voiced villain, a male voice actor will probably be best for the role. 

    Popular Voice Styles for Male Voice Actors

    The voice style you’ll want for your male voice actor depends on the job. If you need a singer, most male songs are for tenors, so a higher voice style is ideal. If you want a sultry, suave character, a baritone or bass will have the timbre that style requires. 

    You can request samples or audition tapes from voice actors to help you decide who will be best for your project. Either have them read sections that they know to showcase their strengths or give them sides to read from to help you picture what the final product might sound like. 

    Projects for Male Voices

    Even though male voice actors exist and have their place, you may wonder how you can use them. Of course, people need male voice actors for movies and shows, but what about other popular voice styles?


    You may want to make announcements for commercials or other important information. If you plan to make the report exciting, you can pick someone with a compelling voice. You can use a neutral voice if you want to keep it informative.

    Many people work as announcers since businesses, companies, and other entities need to share information. You can quickly share the information with others while presenting it in an easy-to-understand format.

    Automated Messages

    Male voice actors are also perfect for reading lines for automated messages. For example, you’ll need a voice actor if you provide people with commands to follow when they call your business. The actor can go through the steps, and you can play the audio files based on what people press.

    You can also create automated messages to thank people for calling your business. Make sure you think about what messages you want in your audio and create a good script for your voice actors to follow.


    Male voice actors are often narrators for documentaries. For example, if your business makes videos about animals, you can use a documentary voice actor to handle the lines. You just have to give them the lines and the timing, so they can record what you need. 

    A professional voice actor can add to the feel of the documentary and keep it engaging for the audience. Not only do they provide essential information, but they can use their voices to influence the viewers and improve the overall experience.

    Trends in Casting

    When it comes to voice acting and casting, you’ll notice some exciting trends in the industry. For example, voice pitch plays a significant role in the success of a product, which will affect who you cast.

    People associate a lower-pitch voice with strength, attractiveness, and leadership. If you want someone to play an authoritative role in your project, pick an actor with a deeper voice.

    If you want to cast a voice actor for a kind, empathetic, or emotional role, a higher-pitch voice works. Neither is better than the other, but each offers benefits to help you with whatever role you need.

    Good male voice actors are a hot commodity these days, so make sure you start looking for your voice actor early! You won’t regret leaving this step to a professional.