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Frequently Asked Questions

Voice acting salaries can vary widely depending on the person, scope of work, usage, time and other factors. On Voices, we want to see you be successful and earn the wages you are looking for. For an example of how much you can expect per job, we encourage you to review our rate guide. 

Some success factors that will impact your pay are:

  • The type of work: broadcast work typically earns more than non-broadcast
  • The market: where your work will be used will change the cost. For example, a local radio spot will start around $250 but a national radio spot could be as much as $1,499.
  • Set your salary according to your level of skill. Beginners will charge less so they can build up a portfolio whereas a long-time professional can charge more. 

Check out some of our talent success stories to see how others have done it.To learn more about how much you can make as a voice actor, read chapter 12 of the beginners guide to voice acting.

  • Microphone: Invest in a high quality microphone
  • Microphone Stand: Use a stand to reduce background noise and prevent holding the microphone with your hands.
  • Pop Filter: A helpful too to help eliminate unwanted sounds in your audio.
  • Headphones: Use headphones to clearly hear and understand your audio quality upon playback
  • Audio recording and editing software: The tool you'll use to polish your audio files and edit out pauses, unwanted breaths, and other imperfections
  • A quiet space to record: Choose a space that's quiet and comfortable, large enough to move around so you can get the most out of your performance

The rates for each individual project vary based on the type of project and the size of the audience. Every project on Voices will have a suggested talent budget, which acts as a guideline for your quote. Visit our Rates page to learn more.